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Hawawshi vs Arayes: Who does the Middle Eastern Style Burger better?

Both Hawawshi and Arayes are delicious Middle Eastern dishes, but they have some differences in terms of preparation and ingredients. We are figuring out who makes the best Middle Eastern style burger. Egypt or Lebanon?


Arayes vs Hawowshi…who makes the best Middle Eastern style burger?

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Hawawshi vs Arayes


Hawawshi vs Arayes

Which one is better?

Both dishes offer a delicious combination of seasoned meat and crispy bread, making them popular choices. Some people may prefer one over the other based on the specific spices or preparation methods used in each dish, but I giving you my honest opinion on both these dishes.

Sensory Analysis

Hawowshi Recipe:


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Arayes Recipe:

Winner Winner


I have conflicting feelings about this rating. Grilling arayes with olive oil contributes to a taste that I perceive as “healthier” and less fatty. The use of a thin-style Lebanese flatbread also played a role in my perception of it as a light and not-so-heavy meal.

The hawawshi won overall on taste and texture, but I couldn’t eat much of it because it was extremely filling and heavy. The aish baladi tasted great and was able to absorb the juice of the meat without reducing the crispiness. Which the arayes had a hard time doing.

I could easily eat arayes over and over again so I would have to pick it as the winner.

What is your favorite? Hawawshi or Arayes?

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