What’s the dill with Sal?

Hello, I’m Sal— a food science enthusiast, flavor connoisseur, globetrotter, and your local food critic;) My fascination with the world of food led me to pursue a major in food science, transforming my passion into a career aimed at addressing global food challenges. With over 7 years of experience working in the food, flavor, and fragrance industry, I’ve cultivated extensive knowledge across various subjects in these domains.

My food critiquing journey began in 2018 when I started posting my food reviews to social media. My followers were loving my reviews and everyone kept asking me to start a food blog.

When I’m not spending time eating, you might catch me throwing some pots or tall objects, DIY-ing something in my house, creating songs, traveling the world or scrolling the internet. I am a curious soul who is fascinated by different ways of life and how other perceive the world. I love debunking myths, so please join me in my journey to find the truth about the world and figure out paths to solve our food obstacles.

Kickin’ it with Sal is your go-to destination for critiquing cuisines, exploring recipes, sharing food science facts, and staying updated on the latest news in the food industry.

My goal is to give you a riveting experience through food. To show you that food connects us all to each other. Food is nourishment, it’s tradition, it’s memory, it’s delicious! I want you to explore foods you didn’t know existed and to just try it. Let’s explore the universe together, learn some stuff and have fun.

Just try it 😉

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