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This is Food Forecast, where we analyze marketing trends across various industries to predict their influence on the food world and its impact on the food industry.

Ryan Gosling Oscar Promo In N Out

In-N-Out made a debut in the Oscars promo, as Ryan Gosling screams over Greta Gerwig not being nominated for Best Director.

This iconic promo was a stroke of genius marketing, that deserves recognition. When it comes to food brand collaborations, there are no rules, and marketers leverage them to tap into new audiences. This promo simultaneously brings attention to Barbie once again, spotlights the In-N-Out chain, and promotes the Oscars. It’s a Hollywood tradition to see celebrities celebrating their Oscars with In-N-Out after the ceremony, and the ad cleverly references this while also calling out the Academy for snubbing Barbie director Greta Gerwig.

Food Collabs

Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie, has continued demonstrating remarkable success in brand collaboration, particularly in the past year. Food brands have been partnering with Barbie for cross-promotion since the announcement of the Barbie Movie.

Barbie dominated the charts last year, emerging as the highest-grossing film of 2023 in both the US and worldwide, marking one of Warner Bros’ most successful global releases, with earnings surpassing $1.38 billion worldwide. As the Barbie movie started to promote their film in spring of 2023, I am sure you were seeing barbie being marketed in everything and everywhere. From London taxi cabs to NYC billboards they were making sure everyone knew Barbie was going to be a global hit in the box office. 

By teaming up with various brands, including big names in the food industry, Barbie was able to broaden its reach and relevance to audiences that would have never really cared about Barbie to begin with.  Barbie  partnerships with Cold Stone, beverage companies like Swoon, fast food restaurants like Burger King and Krispy Kreme, garnered a lot of attention on the internet worldwide. This widespread marketing campaign targeted audiences of all ages, not just children, which is crazy for a child’s toy. The sheer number of food collaborations Barbie engaged in over the past year is noteworthy, indicating a growing trend of food collaborations permeating the market, offering both brands opportunities to reach diverse audiences. It’s not just food collaborations but many fashion and retail brands are embracing Barbie. Barbie is expected to have more collaborations in the next couple of months as well as shown in the in and out promo for the oscars just last week. Could Barbie’s successful marketing represent a new trend where businesses increasingly turn to food collaborations for their marketing campaigns?

Barbie Backlash Transformed Barbie as a Pop Culture Figure

Barbie made a massive impact on pop culture in 2023, and even eight months later, we are still discussing Barbie. Barbie’s marketing is changing the hearts of millions, but it wasn’t this way a decade ago. Millennial moms weren’t connecting with Barbie; it reminded them of the hourglass figure, arched feet, and perfection. Mattel needed to somehow convince parents that Barbie was more than just a perfect pink doll. It represented much more. In the past, the doll market was geared towards kids but not their parents.

This time, with culture hyper-focused on diversity and inclusion, Mattel faced the challenge of convincing parents who didn’t share Barbie’s values to connect with the brand. Mattel had to reconnect with the original message of Barbie which was “women can be anything.” Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie, always encouraged girls to find their limitless potential so by connecting with that original purpose, Mattel used that to drive all their communication and decision-making. To reinforce this purpose, in 2014 Mattel launched dolls in all colors, shapes, and sizes, making the product line more reflective of the world. By doing so, they garnered more fandom.

I don’t think this was merely a marketing strategy for the movie; it was about the reinvention of Barbie. Barbie’s reinvention from a mere toy into a multifaceted lifestyle brand was something Mattel wanted to communicate to their audience. This number one doll brand in the world, became the subject of a Hollywood mega-hit and it’s campaigned turned Barbie from just a toy into a true lifestyle brand extending beyond toys.  The number one doll brand in the world had to rediscover its purpose, realizing that thinking about Barbie as more than just a toy was the key to its success. They had to reinvent Barbie after many years of not relating to women. They understood that Barbie represented more than just a perfect pink doll; it embodied empowerment and potential.

Barbie became everything, and in the past 12 months, she was everywhere. Barbie made an impact by collaborating with pop culture icons and partnering with 160 brands. Mattel successfully revitalized Barbie’s image, resonating with millennial moms who had previously felt disconnected. This strategic shift, rooted in diversity and inclusion, paved the way for Barbie’s resurgence and widespread acceptance. As Greta Gerwig said, this movie was a big Barbie Land Party and everyone is invited.

Barbie, once just a children’s toy, has evolved into a multifaceted lifestyle brand with broad appeal across various age groups. The success of the 2023 Barbie movie shows its transformation and the strategic marketing efforts behind it. Collaborations with numerous brands, including major players in the food industry, have expanded Barbie’s reach, tapping into diverse audiences beyond traditional toy marketing. This evolution highlights the importance of adapting to changing cultural values, especially regarding diversity and inclusion, which are central to Barbie’s ongoing success. 

As Barbie commemorates its 65th anniversary this year, collaborations with iconic brands  signify the brand’s transformation into an idea rather than just a product. This evolution opens up numerous business opportunities, allowing Barbie to compete across various categories and solidifying its position as a cultural icon.

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